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Figure 1

From: Cell organisation, sulphur metabolism and ion transport-related genes are differentially expressed in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis mycelium and yeast cells

Figure 1

Northern blot analysis of mycelium and yeastup-regulated genes of P. brasiliensis. Total RNA samples from both mycelium (M) and yeast (Y) were blotted onto nylon membranes and hybridised against gene-specific radiolabelled probes: (a) Control of cell organisation: hex – Hexagonal peroxisome protein, bgl –1,3 beta-glucosidase, ags – alpha 1,3-glucan synthase, cda – Chitin deacetylase, vrp – Verprolin; (b) Ion transporters: isc –Iron-sulphur cluster-like protein, ktp – Potassium transporter, pct – Putative P-type Cu(2+) transporting ATPase; (c) Sulphur metabolism: chs – Choline sulphatase, ats – ATP sulphurylase. The constitutive 60S ribosomal protein L34 was used as a loading control.

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