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Table 2 Predicted DtxR binding sites in corynebacterial genome sequences

From: The DtxR protein acting as dual transcriptional regulator directs a global regulatory network involved in iron metabolism of Corynebacterium glutamicum

CDS Predicted DtxR binding site Clustered with Predicted function Orthologs
Corynebacterium diphtheriae
DIP01081 TTTTCTTTGCCTAGCCTAA DIP0109–0110 iron ABC transport system JK0661
DIP01241 TTAGGGAACTCTTGCCTTA - membrane protein -
DIP0169 TTAGCTTAGCCCTAGCTAA - secreted protein -
DIP02221 TTAGGATAGCTTTACCTAA - diphtheria toxin precursor -
DIP0370 TTAGGTCAGGGTACCCTAA DIP0371–0373 succinate dehydrogenase complex cg0445, CE0386
DIP0415 TTAGCTTAACCTTGCCTAT - ArsR-family regulatory protein cg0527, CE0466
DIP05401 CTAGGTTAGGGGTGCCTAA DIP0541 preprotein translocase subunit SecY -
DIP0579 TTAGGCGACGGTTGCCTCA - hypothetical protein -
DIP05821 TTAGGGTTGTGTTACCTTG DIP0583–0585 iron ABC transport system -
DIP05861 TTAGGGTAGCTTCGCCTAA DIP0587–0588 siderophore biosynthesis protein -
DIP06251 TTAGGTAAGTGTAGCCTAT DIP0624–06293 iron ABC transport system cg0466, JK0315
DIP0699 TTGTGTTAGCCTAGGCTAA - preprotein translocase subunit SecA -
DIP08941 CTAGGATTGCCTACACTTA - hypothetical protein CE1009
DIP09221 TAACCTTAGGCTTGCCTTT - AraC-family regulatory protein cg1120
DIP10611 TTAGGGTAACCTGTCCAAC DIP1062-10593 iron ABC transport system -
DIP1190 ATGGGGGAGGCTCACATAA - peptide transport protein -
DIP12961 TTAGGGTGGGCTAACCTGC DIP1295-1290 DNA binding protein JK0985
DIP15201 TTAGGTTAACCTTGCTTAA DIP1519 membrane proteins -
DIP1626 TGATGGAAACCACCCCTAA DIP1625-1624 ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase -
DIP16691 TGAGGGGAACCTAACCTAA - heme oxygenase cg2445
DIP1866 TTATGCTGGGCTATCTTAA - bacterioferritin-like protein cg2782, CE2420
DIP21141 AAAGGTAAGCCATAGCTAA - alcohol dehydrogenase -
DIP21611 TTGGATTAGCCTACCCTAA DIP2158–2160 non-ribosomal peptide synthase -
DIP2202 TGAAGGTACCCCAGCCTAA - choline dehydrogenase -
DIP2219 CTGGGGAACCGTTACCTAA DIP2220 hypothetical proteins -
DIP2303 TAAGGATAGGCCACCCCAA - Dps protein cg3327
DIP2330 ATAGGCATGCCTAACCTCA - membrane protein -
Corynebacterium efficiens
CE0125 TTAGGCTAACCTTGCCCAA - hypothetical protein cg0160
CE0386 CGAGGTGAGGCTAGCCTAA CE0387–0389 succinate dehydrogenase complex cg0445, DIP0370
CE0466 ATAGCTTAGGCTTACCTGC - ArsR-family regulatory protein cg0527, DIP0415
CE0687 GTTGGACACCCTAACCTAA CE0683–0686 iron ABC transport system cg0771
CE0881 TTAGGTACCCTAACCTCAC CE0882–0884 iron ABC transport system cg0926, JK1887
CE0912 GTAGGTTACGCGAACGTAG - hypothetical protein cg0955
CE1009 TTAGGCATCCCTTGCCTCG CE1010 hypothetical proteins DIP0894
CE1346 AGAGTGTAGGCTTACCTAT - hypothetical protein cg1405
CE1860 TTAGGTTATAGTTTCCTTT CE1859 hypothetical proteins -
CE1917 GTGGGTGAGGCAAGCCTAA - phage integrase/recombinase -
CE1940 TGAAGTAACACTACCCTAA - cation transporting P-type ATPase -
CE2420 TTATGGTGCGCTAACCTTG - ferritin-like protein cg2782, DIP1866
CE2790 TCAGGAAAGGTTAGCCCAA - hypothetical protein -
CE2815 CTATGTTTGGCAAGCCTTA - hypothetical protein -
CE2891 CTGGGCTAGGGTCACCTAT - hypothetical protein -
Corynebacterium jeikeium
JK0030 TTCTTTCAGGCTAACCTAT - DNA binding protein -
JK0314 TTAGGTAAGGCTCGACTTA - membrane protein -
JK0315 TAAGGTAACACTATCCTAA JK0316–0319 iron ABC transport system cg0466, DIP0625
JK0434 TTAGGTAAGCCTTACCTTT JK0435–0438 ABC transport system -
JK0461 TTAGGTTTGGCTTGGCGAA - collagen binding protein -
JK0561 ACTGGCAAGGCTAAGCTAA JK0560-0559 iron ABC transport system DIP0108
JK0985 TTTTCTTGGTCTAACCTAA JK0984-0979 Fe-S cluster assembly system DIP1296
JK1470 TACGTTTTGCGTAACCTCA - secreted protein -
JK1778 TTAGCTTAGGTTTACCTAT - enterochelin esterase -
JK1780 ATAGGTTAGCCTACCCTTT - L-ornithine N5-oxygenase -
JK1783 TTAGGTTATGCTAAGTTAA JK1782-1781 ABC transporter -
JK1805 TTAGGCAAGGGTAAGCTAA - iron utilization protein -
JK1809 ACAGGTTAGGCTAACCAGA JK1808-1806 ABC transport system -
JK1812 TTAGGTAAGGCTACCATCA - solute binding protein -
JK1815 CAAGTGAAGGCTTACCTTA JK1816–1818 iron ABC transport system -
JK1819 CTTGATTAGCCTAACCTAA JK1820–1821 siderophore synthesis system -
JK18872 TTAAGCAAGGCTTGACTAA JK1886-1884 iron ABC transport system cg0926, CE0881
JK1934 GCAGGTGACGCTAACCTGT - HTH_3-family regulatory protein -
JK1979 GTAGCCTAGCCTTACCTAA - ornithine cyclodeaminase -
JK1983 GAAGGTGTGGCTAACCTAA JK1984–1985 iron ABC transport system -
  1. 1 C. diphtheriae genes described previously as part of the DtxR regulon [14, 15]
  2. 2 Two DtxR binding sites were identified in front of the coding region.
  3. 3 A single DtxR binding site is involved most likely in regulation of adjacent coding regions located on the opposite DNA strand [14, 15].