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Table 4 Homologies between plasmids of B. burgdorferi sensu lato species.

From: Comparative genome analysis: selection pressure on the Borrelia vls cassettes is essential for infectivity

Orthologous groups B. garinii   B. afzelii   B. burgdorferi   Bbsl  
   intra   intra   intra inter BG-BA inter BB-BG
  plasmid shared plasmid shared plasmid shared   
I cp28   cp27   cp26   collinear collinear
II lp59   lp60-1   lp54   collinear collinear
III cp29; cp31; lp50 >26 kb cp30 group >26 kb cp32 group >26 kb >26 kb >26 kb
IV lp28; lp21-1 17 kb lp25   lp28-2   17 kb; collinear 17 kb
V lp24   lp28   lp17   rearranged/80% 65 % in three segments
VI lp21-2; lp22 14 kb lp60-2   lp25; lp28-3; lp36 nd contained in lp60-2; lp22 collinear over entire length All share middle 35 %; lp36 additional 20 %
  1. Only plasmids with significant parts of similarity are listed. Sizes of cumulated similar DNA stretches are given in kb. nd = not defined.