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Table 3 Indels within coding regions.

From: Genome sequence alterations detected upon passage of Burkholderia mallei ATCC 23344 in culture and in mammalian hosts

Isolate Indel Reference Protein Length Frameshift Length (bp change) Query Protein Length Locus Annotation
Lab Culture 1 638 aa 29 aa (+C) No stop codonb BMAA1927 Hypothetical Protein
  2 154 aa 50 aa (-T) 75 aa BMA1435 Hypothetical Protein
  3 145 aa 64 aa (-G) 85 aa BMA2147 N utilization substance protein B
  4 711 aa 586 aa (+A) No stop codonb BMA2914 Oxidoreductase
Mouse spleen 1a 942 aa No 938 aa BMAA0680 Penicillin-binding protein
  2 357 aa 13 aa (+G) 321 aa BMA0161 Rod shape-determining protein MreC
Horse Lung 1 787 aa 525 aa (+G) 721 aa BMAA0367 Acetyltransferase, GNAT family
  2a 136 aa No 138 aa BMAA0623 Hypothetical protein
  3a 120 aa 66 aa 100 aa BMA2996 Hypothetical protein
Human Liver 1a 659 aa 52 aa 62 aa BMAA0729 Hypothetical protein
  2a 122 aa 69 aa 85 aa BMA3028 Conserved domain protein
  3 No translation 49 aa (+A) 361 aa BMAA1903 Conserved hypoth. protein
  4 685 aa 164 aa (+T) 328 aa BMA0685 Vit. B12 receptor BtuB, putative
Human Blood 1a 122 aa 69 aa 85 aa BMA3028 Conserved domain protein
  2a 193 aa 157 aa No stop codonb BMAA0789 Hypothetical protein
  3 No translation 49 aa (+A) 361 aa BMA1903 Conserved hypoth. protein
  1. aCoding region indels within SSRs. Mouse spleen 1a: repeat unit AACACCGAACCG; Horse lung 2a: repeat unit GGTGCC, 3a: repeat unit GAGCGGT; Human liver 1a : repeat unit CGAGTCAT extra copy in reference, 2a: repeat unit GCCGATT extra copy in query; Human blood 1a: GCCGATT extra copy in query, 2a: GCGCCTC two extra copies in reference.
  2. bReference protein lost the stop codon at the original position due to the frameshift; query protein has a new stop codon in a different position.