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Table 2 AgBase GO annotations by species and evidence code.

From: AgBase: a functional genomics resource for agriculture

Species GO Associations No. Proteins Annotated UniParc Proteins Annotated (ISS) No. Papers Curated
Chicken 1 007 142 80 24
Cow 4 411 382 4 13
Sheep 316 61 0 0
Channel Catfish 19 3 0 2
  1. We aim to increase the coverage of GO annotations in agriculturally important species and we are currently GO annotating chicken, cow, sheep and channel catfish. To improve GO coverage, we determine which proteins currently have no GO annotations and use GOanna to do a 'first-pass' annotation based on sequence homology (ISS). We have also provided GO annotations via literature curation for chicken, cow and channel catfish. We do not currently provide IEA annotations.