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Table 2 Significance of overall survival and DFMP differences for groups validated in all datasets.

From: Discovery and validation of breast cancer subtypes

Gene pair Survival log-rank test p-value DMFP log-rank test p-value Survival likelihood ratio test p-value DMFP likelihood ratio test p-value
BCMP11/ABCC11 6.7188 × 10-8 0.0005464543 0.005674599 0.06732856
SLC39A6/GATA3 4.836347 × 10-5 0.03727548 0.0516708 0.4392585
  1. The results of the Cox-Mantel log-rank test and the likelihood ratio test for the four sets of groups which were statistically validated in all datasets are presented. The significance of the differences between the three groups in each set in overall survival and DMFP were tested. The p-values between 0.10-0.05 are in italics and p-values less than 0.05 are in bold.