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Figure 1

From: Identification and comparative analysis of sixteen fungal peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase repertoires

Figure 1

Radial dendrograms depicting the predicted evolutionary history of the three fungal PPIase families: (A) the cyclophilins, (B) the FKBPs and (C) the parvulins of A. nidulans (An), A. fumigatus (Af), C. albicans (Ca), C. glabrata (Cg), C. neoformans (Cn), D. hansenii (Dh), E. cuniculi (Ec), E. gossypii (Eg), G. zeae (Gz), K. lactis (Kl), N. crassa (Nc), R. oryzae (Ro), S. cerevisiae (Sc), Sz. pombe (Sp), U. maydis (Um), &Y. lipolyica (Yl) based upon a comparison of their protein sequences by the ClustalX program version 1.83 [157] with the dendrogram visualized using MEGA version 3.1 [159]. Black bars indicate the locations of the groups identified in Table 16 [See Additional File 1] that cluster together at one location in the dendrogram and they are labelled with the appropriate group letter. In (A), red bars give the locations of the cyclophilin Group B members and blue bars give the locations of cyclophilin Group G members. The scales of the different dendrograms are not cross-comparable.

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