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Table 3 Overview of representative hits above 0.8

From: Integration of curated databases to identify genotype-phenotype associations

Lab/Condition Cog/Protein Name Correlation P-value Protein Function
B01/Gram-negative COG0763/Lipid A
disaccharide synthetase
0.95 1.71E-09 Involved in Lipid A biosynthesis [26–28]
0.95 1.71E-09 Involved in Lipid A biosynthesis [29] [27,30]
acid synthetase
0.95 1.71E-09 Involved in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis [31]
  COG2877/3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic acid
(KDO) 8-phosphate synthase
0.95 1.71E-09 Involved in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis [32]
transport protein
0.95 1.71E-09 Outer membrane transporters [33,34]
  COG2885/Outer membrane
0.84 2.46E-09 Outer membrane protein [35]
B02/Gram-positive COG3764/Sortase 1.0 2.59E-08 Plasma membrane protein [36]
  COG2344/AT-rich DNA-binding
0.92 7.77E-07 Transcriptional regulator [37]
  COG3966/Protein involved in D-alanine
esterification of lipoteichoic acid and wall
teichoic acid (D-alanine transfer protein)
0.84 1.2E-05 Cell wall and membrane component protein [38]
B29/Growth on MacConkey Agar COG4206/Outer membrane
cobalamin receptor protein
0.99 8.04E-09 Outer membrane protein [39]
  COG4787/Flagellar basal body
rod protein
0.97 2.33E-07 Periplasmic protein [40]
  COG3166/Tfp pilus assembly
protein PilN
0.83 9.77E-06 Outer membrane proteins [41]
B30/Oxidase COG3278/Cbb3-type cytochrome oxidase,
subunit 1
0.85 7.84E-06 Oxidase protein subunit
B30/Oxidase COG2993/Cbb3-type cytochrome oxidase,
cytochrome c subunit
0.85 7.84E-06 Oxidase protein subunit
B31/Catalase COG0753/Catalase 0.97 7.69E-06 Peroxisomal Marker Enzyme
  COG1607/Acyl-CoA hydrolase 0.97 7.69E-06 Enzyme involved in lipid metabolism [13]
FAC/L-Arabinose COG3717/5-keto 4-deoxyuronate isomerase 0.97 3.95E-05 Enzyme involved in carbohydrate metabolism [14,15]
FAM/D-Mannose COG0246/Mannitol-1-phosphate/altronate
0.85 4.68E-05 Oxidizes mannitol to mannose [42]
FAT/Trehalose COG2182/Maltose-binding periplasmic
0.94 3.4E-05 Maltose-related protein [16]
G03/Motile COG0835/Chemotaxis signal
transduction protein
0.94 4.93E-09 Chemotaxis-related protein
  COG1345/Flagellar capping protein 0.94 4.93E-09 Flagella-related protein
  COG1516/Flagellin-specific chaperone FliS 0.94 4.93E-09 Flagella-related protein