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Table 4 Criteria for determination of the true positives (TP), false negatives (FN), false positives (FP) and true negatives (TN) for the microarray results.

From: Novel design and controls for focused DNA microarrays: applications in quality assurance/control and normalization for the Health Canada ToxArray™

  Microarray Result using the Fs-test
  Positive Negative
Overall Treatment Effect FDR p-value < 0.05 FDR p-value > 0.05
Pairwise Comparison with Control* FDR p-value < 0.05 FDR p-value > 0.05
RT PCR Result   
p-value < 0.05 (differentially expressed) TP FN
p-value > 0.05 (no change) FP TN
  1. * comparison of individual doses against the control