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Figure 7

From: Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheat

Figure 7

Three novel candidates with significant expression variability across the seven stages investigated. TaAffx.38162.1.S1_at (blue), TaAffx.9800.1.S1_at (black) and TaAffx.60258.2.S1_s_at (red) are highlighted. TaAffx.38162.1.S1_at shows more than a 64-fold increase in expression from LP to T, while TaAffx.9800.1.S1_at drops approximately 64-fold from PM to T. TaAffx.60258.2.S1_s_at is also down-regulated from PM to T approximately 16-fold. PM, LP, DA, TT, T, IP and MAN are as described in Figure 1.

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