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Table 5 Genes identified on the two newly sequenced BAC clones 604D5 and 509D2.

From: 454 sequencing put to the test using the complex genome of barley

Indexa BAC Rice homologb Description
1 509D2 Os01g70940 Potassium uptake protein
2 509D2 Os01g70950 Hypothetical protein
3 509D2 Os08g07830 Hypothetical protein
4 509D2 Os05g08460 putative F-box domain
5 509D2 Os05g01370 Polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein
1 604D5 Os05g41170 SET domain protein 105
2 604D5 Os05g41180 Proteasome subunit alpha
3 604D5 Os05g41190 Expressed protein
4 604D5 Os05g41200 Calmodulin
5 604D5 Os05g41210 Calmodulin
6 604D5 Os05g41220 Similar to GAL83 protein
  1. aNumbers correspond to gene numbers in Figure 2.
  2. bIdentified by BLASTN.