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Table 2 P. vivax ORFs containing MGE domains.

From: An analysis of mobile genetic elements in three Plasmodium species and their potential impact on the nucleotide composition of the P. falciparum genome

Pfam entry Number of ORFs E values and/or sequence alignment scores
PF03184 Endonuclease CENP-B protein 2 E values -9 and -10
Scores 37 and 39
PF00692 DeoxyUTP pyrophosphatase 1 E value -8
Score 35.5
PF00078 Reverse transcriptase 23 E values -8 to -27
Scores 35 to 104
PF00589 phage integrase catalytic domain 1 E value -13
Score 52
PF07460 Intron-encoded nuclease 2 1 E value -3
Score 21
Similarity to RT sequence developed in this study   
Determined by BLASTP search 2 E values -2 and -3
Similarity to P. y. yoelii and P. falciparum ORFs not in Pfam   
Determined by BLASTP search 10 E values -4 to -168
  1. ORFs containing MGE domains were identified in the genome in three ways: i) a HMMER search using Pfam_fs HMMs ii) a BLASTP search using the RT consensus sequence developed in this study, and iii) a BLASTP search using the P. y. yoelii and P. falciparum MGE domain sequences identified from InterPro but not located in Pfam. Only the Pfam entries with significant hits are listed.