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Table 1 LongSAGE tags matched to known and predicted miRNA precursors.

From: SAGE detects microRNA precursors

miRNA (1) longSAGE tags (2) Chr. EST #libs Tag counts Tissue (mouse Theiler Stage)
Human SAGE tags matched to known miRNAs
hsa-mir-302a TTTTGGTGATGGTAAGT 4q25 No 1 1 Embryonic stem cell
hsa-mir-302b (3) GAAGTGCTTTCTGTGAC 4q25 Yes 5 9 Embryonic stem cell
hsa-mir-302c TTTCAGTGGAGGTGTCT 4q25 Yes 1 2 Embryonic stem cell
hsa-mir-302d TTTGAGTGTGGTGGTTC 4q25 No 4 6 Embryonic stem cell
hsa-mir-7-1 (4) CCTCTACAGGACAAATG 9q21 No 3 3 White blood cell, breast tumor, stem cell
hsa-let-7i (4) GCCCTGGCTGAGGTAGT 12q14 No 4 4 Embryonic stem cells and Fetal brain
hsa-mir-21 GCTGTACCACCTTGTCG 17q23 Yes 2 2 White blood cell, breast tumor
hsa-mir-125a (4) TTGCCAGTCTCTAGGTC 19q13 No 1 1 breast tumor (myofibroblast)
Human SAGE tags matched to predicted miRNAs
Lim et al. [4] CTACTCTCACTGAGTAC 5p21 No 1   Embryonic stem cell
cand525-HS CGGAGCCCCCGGGCTTG 11q13 No 4   Embryonic stem cell and breast & lung cancer
Mouse SAGE tags matched to known miRNAs
mmu-mir-29b-2 (3) GTGGCTTAGATTTTTCC 1qH6 Yes 2 2 Heart bulbous cordis (TS14 embryo)
mmu-mir-205 GAGCTGCCAGCGGTGGA 1qH6 Yes 7 17 Brain, forelimb & skin (embryo)
mmu-mir-130a CCTTTGCTGCTGGCCGG 2qD Yes 1 1 Branchial Arch embryonic tissue
mmu-mir-133a-2 GCCCAGCCAGAGGACAC 2qH4 Yes 4 4 Heart ventricle (TS14-19), Sk. muscle (TS25)
mmu-mir-29a ACCTCTTGTGACCCCTT 6qA3 No 1 1 Ovary (21 days post natal)
mmu-mir-425 GAAAGTGCTTTGGAATG 9qF2 Yes 3 8 Visual cortex(27days post natal), Pancreas (TS20)
mmu-mir-331(4) CAAGCTGAAAGCACTCC 10qC2 Yes 1 1 Brain – Amygdala (Post natal day 7)
mmu-let-7i GCCCTGGCTGAGGTAGT 10qD2 Yes 4 4 Sm. Intestine (TS24), Lung (TS26), Neural tube(TS13), Pancreas
mmu-mir-21 GCTGTACCACCTTGTCG 11qC Yes 2 2 Placenta (TS22), large intestine (TS24)
mmu-mir-196a-1 GCAGTTACTGCTTCTTG 11qD No 3 3 Endoderm (Definitive), kidney (TS24), testis
mmu-mir-337 (3) CAGGAGTTGATTGCACA 12qF1 No 1 1 Adrenal gland (TS22 embryo)
mmu-mir-485 (4) TGTGATACTTGGAGAGA 12qF1 No 1 1 Skin (TS21)
mmu-mir-351 (3,4) GCACCTCCGTTTCCCTG XqA5 Yes 2 2 Heart ventricle (TS14 embryo)
mmu-mir-92-2 CCCATTCATCCACAGGT XqA5 No 1 1 Thymus (TS23 embryo)
Mouse SAGE tags matched to predicted miRNAs
cand185-MM TGACTGCCTGTCTGTGC 1qH2 Yes 1 1 Fibroblast cell line (embryonic)
cand847-HS GTGAGCAGATGATGCAT 2qH1 Yes 1 1 Brain – Whole (TS20 embryo)
cand136-MM AACATTATTTCTTGTGT 4qD2 No 1 1 Adult testis
cand407-MM GAGTCTTCCAAGCCAAG 4qF4 No 3 3 Adult bladder & mammary gland
cand913-RN TGACGTCTGAGGAGCGG 11qE2 Yes 1 1 Brain telencephalon dorsal (TS20 embryo)
cand219-MM GCCAATCTCCTTTCGGC 12qF1 Yes 2 6 Visual cortex (27 days post natal)
cand202-MM GTAGGCTTTCATTCATT 12qF1 No 2 2 Branchial arch embryonic tissue (TS15)
cand239-MM CAGCTTTGGAGACGCCA 16qC3 No 1 1 Brain – Preplate (TS21 embryo)
cand525-MM CGGAGCCCCCGGGCTTG 19qA No 9 9 Multiple normal tissues
  1. (1) Except the one marked as Lim et al. [4], all predicted miRNAs are based on Berezikov et al. [7]. Cand219-MM and Cand202-MM are also predicted by Sewer et al. [9].
  2. (2) "CATG" sites before each SAGE tags had been omitted.
  3. (3) SAGE tags match miRNA hairpin sequences without extension.
  4. (4) These miRNAs are listed as known in miRBASE based on their homolog to entries in other species.