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Table 1 Characterization of cell lines used in training and validation

From: Gene expression patterns that predict sensitivity to epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung cancer cell lines and human lung tumors

      Affymetrix U133A chips  
  Cell Line Type Sensitivity to EGFR TKI K-Ras Status (n) in training (n) in validation EGFR Status
Training A549 AC No Mutant (Codon 12) 8 N/A Wt 1
  UKY-29 AC No Mutant (Codon 61)1 3 N/A Wt 1
  H1650 AC Yes Wt 6 N/A Mutant (DelE746-A750)1
  PC-9 AC Yes Wt 5 N/A Mutant (DelE746-A750)1
  H3255 AC Yes Wt 3 N/A Mutant (L858R) 1
Validation H358 AC Yes Mutant (Codon 12) 0 1 Wt1
  H460 Large Cell No Mutant (Codon 61) 0 1 Wt1
  H1975 AC No Wt 0 1 Mutant (L858R, T790M) 1
  K562 CML No Wt 0 1 Wt1
  A431 Epidermoid Yes Wt 0 1 Wt (Amplified)1
  1. 1 Assayed in this study
  2. AC: Adenocarcinoma
  3. CML: Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia