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Table 3 Chromosomal locations of ten genes in giant panda and of the homologous genes in human

From: Construction of a 7-fold BAC library and cytogenetic mapping of 10 genes in the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Gene Location in giant panda chromosome (AME) Location in human chromosome (HSA) Expected location in giant panda chromosome (AME)* Clone Address**
AGXT 2q 2q37.3 2 221E23
GHR 3p 5p12 3 323D6
FSHR 4q 2p16.3 4 331F20
SOX14 6p 3q22.3 6 168E8
IRBP 6q 10q11.22 6 243M3
TTR 14q 18q12.1 14 29N4
BDNF 15q 11p14.1 16 212F3
NT-4 16q 19q13.33 12 229L4
LH 16q 19q13.33 12 64A12
ZFX1 X Xp22.11 X 403N3
  1. * The expected chromosome locations of the ten genes in the giant panda according to human-giant panda comparison.
  2. ** BAC clone address for FISH mapping.