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Figure 1

From: SNP-RFLPing: restriction enzyme mining for SNPs in genomes

Figure 1

SNP-RFLPing web-based flowchart. Three kinds of functions are incorporated in the SNP-RFLPing system, namely a user input interface, an analysis platform, and an output module. The user input interface contains 1.) Key search, 2.) Free format input, and 3.) Upload data for analysis. Only key search is mining from NCBI dbSNP [3]. The other interfaces of the input interface are programmed to input data preprocessing, and then transfer the data to the analysis platform. In the analysis platform, SNP-containing sequences are transferred to a local database downloaded from REBASE [2] and then the RFLP availability for the sense and antisense sequences are analyzed. Finally, the result is transferred to the output module. Under output, SNP-RFLPing availability is provided, as well as other SNP information and primer design.

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