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Figure 2

From: SNP-RFLPing: restriction enzyme mining for SNPs in genomes

Figure 2

Input items for RFLP availability and SNP related information. (A) SNP ID in rs# and ss# formats and gene in HUGO and ID formats are acceptable for SNP-RFLPing assay. Human, mouse and rat genomes are included. (B) Freely mixed forms of multiple inputs, including sequences and SNP ID with rs# are acceptable for SNP-RFLPing assay. Different events of input sequences and/or SNP ID are separated by the comma symbol "," or by different lines using the "Enter" key on the computer keyboard. IUPAC format or [dNTP1/dNTP2] format are acceptable in this software. Empty spaces while inputting data doesn't interfere with the screening. The IUPAC code is provided online. (C) All the results can be displayed online, by email or both.

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