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Table 2 Cell-type specific genes in fission yeast

From: Genomewide identification of pheromone-targeted transcription in fission yeast

Gene: Function: Expression pattern: Reference:
Genes with a function in M cells
mat1-Mc transcription factor M1) [13]
mat1-Mm activator of meiosis M1) [7]
mfm1 M-factor M [12]
mfm2 M-factor M [12]
mfm3 M-factor M [12]
mam1 M-factor transporter M [54]
mam2 receptor for P-factor M [55]
mam3 M cell agglutinin M4) this study
mam4 methylation of M-factor M,P [23]
sxa2 activator of meiosis M [19]
cwp1 farnesylation of M-factor M2,4) this study
SPAC11H11.03 not analysed M4) this study
Genes with a function in P cells
mat1-Pc transcription co-factor P1) [13]
mat1-Pm activator of meiosis P1) [56]
map1 transcription factor M,P3) [15, 16]
map2 P-factor P [57]
map3 receptor for M-factor P [58]
map4 P cell agglutinin P4) this study
SPAC1565.03 unknown P4) this study
  1. Notes:
  2. 1) Activated when transposed to the mat1 locus.
  3. 2) Expressed at low level in P cells (presumably essential).
  4. 3) Also required for stimulation of M-specific gene expression [16].
  5. 4) Cell-type specific expression confirmed by time course array experiment.