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Table 1 Proportions of Single- and Double-Strand Damage Produced by γ-Radiation and Enediynes

From: The DNA-damage signature in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is associated with single-strand breaks in DNA

Agent Ratio of direct single- to double-strand breaks Ratio of single- to double-strand deoxyribose oxidation events
γ-Radiation 35–100:1a 35–100:1a
Esperamicin A1 24:1b 3.4:1b
Neocarzinostatin 6:1c 2.2:1c
Calicheamicin-γ1I 1:1d 1:24d
  1. a Reference [25, 26]
  2. b Reference [29]
  3. c Reference [30]
  4. d Reference [12, 31]