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Figure 2

From: Computational and experimental analysis identifies Arabidopsis genes specifically expressed during early seed development

Figure 2

RT-PCR analysis of the expression profiles of ten genes isolated by in silico screening. "EST + microarray" indicates genes isolated by the combination of EST selection and microarray data analyses. "EST" indicates genes isolated only by EST selection. Siliques 1 to 3 correspond to whole siliques at different stages of development (1, young green; 2, green fully developed; 3, desiccating siliques). Siliques I to V correspond to siliques at different stages of development (I, 0–4 daf; II, 4–8 daf; III, 8–12 daf; IV, 12–16 daf; V, 17–21 daf). In each case, the size of the bands was as expected.

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