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Table 2 Keywords from gene annotations used to identify virulence and virulence-associated genes, and assign functional categories

From: Comparative genomics profiling of clinical isolates of Aeromonas salmonicida using DNA microarrays

Keyworda Functional category Relevance
Aerolysin Toxin known virulence protein
antibiotic Antibiotic resistance antibiotic resistance/susceptibility
capsule CHO/Surface factors capsule biosynthesis/transport
catalase Flagella/pilin; OMP catalase/peroxidases
chemotax IC protect; Toxin chemotaxis proteins
chitin Other; Toxin chitinase
cpa Flagella/pilin pilus assembly complex
dismutase IC protect superoxide dismutase
extracel Other extracellular proteins
ferr Iron systems; Transport; ferredoxins, ferric transport
fimb Flagella/pilin fimbrial proteins
flag Flagella/pilin flagellar proteins
glycosyl CHO/Surface factors glycosyl transferases
hemolysin Toxin hemolysin/aerolysin
invas OMP invasions or invasion/adhesion
iron Iron systems; Transport iron transport/binding
Laf Flagella/pilin Vibrio parahaemolyticus chemotaxis protein
Lfg Flagella/pilin V. parahaemolyticus flagellar hook protein
lip CHO/Surface factors lipid/lipoprotein
macrophage IC protect macrophage toxins
membrane OMP outer/inner membrane proteins
OMP OMP outer membrane proteins
penicillin Antibiotic resistance penicillin resistance
peroxid IC protect ; Toxin peroxidase
pil Flagella/pilin pilin/pilus assembly protein
plasmid Plasmid plasmid-encoded
polymer Sigma DNA polymerase/Sigma factor
porin OMP outer membrane porin protein
protease Other; Toxin proteases
pseudopilin Secretion part of Type II secretion system
pul Flagella/pilin part of Type II secretion system
quorum Other quorum sensing proteins
receptor OMP membrane receptor proteins
resistance Antibiotic resistance antibiotic resistance
RTX Toxin RTX toxin (hemolysin)
secret Secretion secretion systems/secretory proteins
sial CHO/Surface factors; Other; sialic acid transport/synthetase
siderophore OMP siderophore receptor
sigma Sigma sigma factor
SOD IC protect superoxide dismutase
superoxide IC protect superoxide dismutase
Tad Flagella/pilin Vibrio spp. pilus assembly protein
tap Other; Transport ABC transporter/ATP-binding protein
toxin Toxin toxin genes
transferase CHO/Surface factors; Other glycosyl and other transferases
transport Transport transport proteins
transpos Transposon transposases
usher Flagella/pilin chaperone/usher type fimbriae
Yop Secretion Type III Secretion system gene in Yersinia spp.
  1. aor portions of keywords selected to include grammatical variants, e.g. invas would select invas ion or invas ins, etc.