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Table 2 List of known immune genes added as reference genes to the array.

From: Development of a chicken 5 K microarray targeted towards immune function

Gene EST Clone ID Accession no.
AH221 CTN2_C0000858f10.q1kT7SCF C0000858F10 AM064266
AH294/RANTES 603404971F1 C0000737M17 BU397782
β2 microglobulin CTst_C0000869a17.q1kT7SCF C0000869A17 AM068376
BAFF CBN1_C0000466j11.q1kT7SCF C0000467J11 AM066201
BMP10 604156553F1 C0003869J14 BU210183
BMP2 603213309F1 C0003763A3 BU444424
BMP4 603363891F1 C0000429F23 BU473912
BMP6 603604307F1 C0003811M1 BU287807
BMP7 603500540F1 C0000717O9 BU333004
BMP8A 603956728F1 603956728F1 BU425800
CC chemokine receptor 6 603508559F1 C0002794E15 BU267610
CC CKR 11 603367511F1 C0000439E3 BU465158
CC LARC/MIP-3A 603534015F1 C0002806N3 BU398190
cCAF CBN1_C0000465h11.q1kT7SCF C0000465H11 AM065832
CD135 antigen 603812446F1 C0001334K11 BU376898
CD137 pat.pk0038.d7.f C0004737E4 AI980851
CD153 pat.pk0072.b5.f C0004738K22 AI982035
CD154 603535227F1 C0001006F7 BU398104
CD18 CBN1_C0000468e11.q1kT7SCF C0000468E11 AM066422
CD2 pgn1c.pk014.i9 pk014I9 CB017050
CD200 pat.pk0062.c8.f C0004738C17 AI981679
CD226 pat.pk0020.d12 C0004739G22 AI980296
CD28 CTst_C0000892d20.q1kT7SCF C0000892D20 AM070143
CD3 C0001679M3_G02_008.AB1 C0001679M3 AM070515
CD36 603543789F1 C0001028A23 BU311037
CD4 pk017a12 pk017a12 CB017654
CD40L pgm2n.pk009.d11 pk009d11 BM488880
CD44-like 603745662F1 C0003894K15 BU253134
CD45 603767294F1 C0003827K23 BU446679
CD59 603212850F1 C0000363D13 BU447971
CD63 antigen 603783352F1 C0001268G14 BU243877
CD7 pat.pk0040.d6.f C0004737K4 AI981043
CD79A CBst_CHK02000039f07.q1kT7SCF CHK0200003F7 AM071949
CD8 CTst_C0000877k01.q1kT7SCF C0000877K1 AM069615
CD82 CTst_C0000892l24.q1kT7SCF C0000892L24 AM070329
CD83 antigen 603771889F1 C0001238B24 BU457418
CD84 CTN1_C0000798o19.q1kT7SCF C0000798O19 AM070961
CD98 light chain CBN1_C0000465c24.q1kT7SCF C0000465C24 AM065739
Chemokine receptor like 2 603764351F1 C0001219F13 BU444213
Chicken cytokine pat.pk0050.e9.f C0004737J11 AI981311
CHIR-A 603478533F1 C0003884A9 BU359209
CHIR-B CBst_CHK02000039l03.q1kT7SCF CHK0200003L3 AM072078
cMGF pat.pk0060.h1.f C0004737P22 AI981598
Complement C3 CBN1_C0000468j22.q1kT7SCF C0000468J22 AM066546
Complement C4 603811612F1 C0001332G3 BU376477
Complement C7 603668434F1 C0001140D9 BU416108
Complement C8α 603782386F1 C000164L21 BU242118
complement H 603735023F1 C0001154N6 BU295434
complement receptor 1 603819479F1 C0001351N20 BU268132
Complement1 CBN2_C0000485f23.q1kT7SCF C0000485F23 AM068133
Cremp 603114782F1 C0003743C21 BU126768
C-type lectin HFU603551466C18 C0004763C18 AM063354
CX 3C chemokine receptor 1 603949695F1 C0003852N23 BU204148
CXC-R4 CTst_C0000878f17.q1kT7SCF C0000878F17 AM069849
Cytokine like protein 17 603773283F1 C0001242E21 BU459791
Cytokine receptor like 9 603472805F1 C0000591J1 BU477689
Death receptor 6 CBN1_C0000466l11.q1kT7SCF C0000467L11 AM066244
DSL-1 603321647F1 C0000418M11 BU239031
EMAP II 603364164F1 C0003776P16 BU475067
ephrin type A receptor 2 603121949F1 C0000241A13 BU133519
FAS antigen 603737578F1 C0001181L19 BU300974
FASL decoy receptor 3 CTN2_C0000856k13.q1kT7SCF C0000856K13 AM064070
GATA-3 CTN2_C0000858a24.q1kT7SCF C0000858A24 AM064179
GDF10 603530236F1 C0000994G10 BU351257
GDF8 603775823F1 C0001248N6 BU458566
GDF9 603741256F1 C0001166O13 BU300398
glycoprotein 130 603369157F1 C0002739A15 BU460413
GMCSF CF258055 CF258055 CF258055
HCC1 pat.pk0059.g4.f pk059g4 AW061438
ICSBP 603568552F1 C0001037G14 BU383423
IFNα 603486811F1 C0000622F3 BU319434
IFNα/β-R2 603783234F1 C0001268C9 BU243612
IFNγ 603766180F1 C0003825O20 BU444142
IFNγR2 603606133F1 C0001120B10 BU294744
IFP35 603123028F1 C0000243H7 BU135331
Ig light chain VJC region C0000914E7_C03_018.AB1 C0000914E7 AM064528
Ig heavy chain VDJ region 603534767F1 C0002807F18 BU398082
IK cytokine 603368212F1 C0000440H3 BU460192
IL-10 CF258071 CF258071 CF258071
IL11 receptor 603402722F1 C0000518K5 BU250398
IL-12β 603603708F1 603603708F1 BU291084
IL12-p35 603761859F1 C0002846F16 BU474924
IL-13R2 603519773F1 C0000972A19 BU341330
IL-15 603102514F1 C0002655L4 BU202444
IL-16 603130176F1 C0002702H20 BU114872
IL17 receptor 603211483F1 C0000350E22 BU448712
IL-18 603508766F1 C0002794D18 BU271029
IL-1β 603217760F1 C0003766G15 BU455380
IL-2 pat.pk022.e2 pk022e2 AI980311
IL20 receptor 603591538F1 C0001088K9 BU241765
IL-2Rα pat.pk0012.h3 pk0012h3 AI980106
IL-2Rγ CBN1_C0000360j15.q1kT7SCF C0000360J15 AM064841
IL-4 603772775F1 ChEST708f19 BU450270
Il-4R 603490820F1 603490820F1 BU324362
IL-6 pat.pk0076.f2.f C0004739G21 AI982185
Interleukin enhancer binding factor 3 603322645F1 C0000420J12 BU239448
IRAK2 603831145F1 ChEST821j11 BU435261
IRAK4 603208981F1 ChEST185a21 BU441365
IRF1 603960463F1 C0002900N15 BU418343
IRF10 CBN1_C0000360l15.q1kT7SCF C0000360L15 AM064884
IRF2 604146465F1 C0003862A18 BU438609
IRF3 CTst_C0000892j09.q1kT7SCF C0000892J9 AM070266
IRF4 6O4_B10_077 C0000885O4 AM072251
IRF5 pat.pk0067.c5.f pk067c5 AI981854
IRF6 603111427F1 C0000188F7 BU109331
JSC CTst_C0000878m23.q1kT7SCF C0000878M23 AM069996
K60 603470605F1 C0002774I2 BU479398
lymphotactin 603733847F1 C0001151N12 BU300469
MCSF1-receptor 603220574F1 C0000383C19 BU432910
MDV vIL-8 CBst_C0000222p17.q1kT7SCF C0000222P17 AM071831
MHC class I CBst_CHK02000039o05.q1kT7SCF CHK0200003O5 AM072147
MHC class I minor CTst_C0000873a15.q1kT7SCF C0000873A15 AM068728
MHC class II beta HFU603551341A11 C0004763A11 AM063247
MIF 604141521F1 C0001517I5 BU438017
MX 603775783F1 C0001248E22 BU457953
NKL 603539011F1 C0001016E4 BU309556
N-pac 604157079F1 604157079F1 BU210048
NRAMP1 pk013p5 pk013p5 BI394251
NRAMP2 603953027F1 C0001451E8 BU203948
OCIF 603157972F1 C0000333O17 BU410189
opioid receptor sigma 1 603341826F1 C0003775C8 BU254440
Orphan chemokine receptor 603234142F1 C0000403C12 BU418544
PIT54 603150061F1 C0000313I16 BU126277
platelet activating receptor pat.pk0002.b12 C0004739A2 AI979750
PRC1 603475588F1 603475588F1 BU355757
prostaglandin synthase CBN1_C0000466j02.q1kT7SCF C0000467J2 AM066193
Regulator of cytokinesis 1 603475588F1 C0000598P22 BU355757
RING3 CBst_C0000222p04.q1kT7SCF C0000222P4 AM071819
SCA-2 CTN1_C0000853f13.q1kT7SCF C0000853F13 AM071100
SCYa13 603534566F1 603534566F1 BU397023
SCYA4 603742061F1 C0001168I15 BU299262
SIGIRR 603321436F1 C0002934H10 BU240159
SOCS1 603758706F1 C0003823K20/L1 BU218362
SOCS2 603322984F1 603322984F1 BU239208
SOCS5 603492126F1 C0000636C7 BU326390
STAT1 603957345F1 ChEST927i11 BU425993
STAT2 pat.pk0027.a6.f C0004737C3 AI980571
STAT5b CBst_C0000222j02.q1kT7SCF C0000222J2 AM071688
TAP2 603732809F1 C0000758A3 BU298074
Tapasin CTst_C0000873d22.q1kT7SCF C0000873D22 AM068799
TARC pat.pk0031.f10.f C0004737K13 AI980713
T-bet pgn1c.pk013.h8 pgn1cpk013.h8 CB016768
Tcell receptor α CBst_CHK02000039p10.q1kT7SCF CHK0200003P10 AM072172
Tcell receptor β UEB603581072O18 C0004765O18 AM063532
Tcell receptor γ CTst_C0000878m08.q1kT7SCF C0000878M8 AM069981
Tcell receptor ζ CTst_C0000874j17.q1kT7SCF C0000874J17 AM069278
TGFβ 603758578F1 C0003823K20 BU215243
Thymosin beta 4 ODP603945810C04 C0004766C4 AM063804
TLR1/6/10 603760940F1 C0001211O10 BU471724
TLR2 603588755F1 C0001081M13 BU374739
TLR3 603781018F1 C0001261D6 BU242827
TLR4 603470778F1 C0002774L20 BU475859
TLR5 603230983F1 C0000395E22 BU420247
TLR7/8/9 603160284F2 C0002711G22 BU435893
TRAF1 pat.pk0072.d3.f C0004738M6 AI982046
TRAF2 603217872F1 C0003766O18 BU455745
TRAF5 CTst_C0000877n08.q1kT7SCF C0000877N8 AM069687
  1. The genes in bold come from the immune libraries described in this paper