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Table 3 Genomic location of unique chicken ESTs as identified by the University of Santa Cruz Blat site

From: Development of a chicken 5 K microarray targeted towards immune function

Clone GenBank Accession No. Genomic location
CBN1_C0000465p01.q1kT7 AM065989 chr15: 5562143–5562781
CBN1_C0000464a07.q1kT7 AM065333 chr11_random: 637442–638117
CBN1_C0000465g01.q1kT7 AM065802 chr28: 3396525–3399444
CBN2_C0000485f09.q1kT7SCF AM068122 chr7: 1319368–1319989
CBst_C0000222i16.q1kT7SCF AM071684 no hit
CTN2_C0000856o09.q1kT7 AM064132 chr17: 9342673–9343272
CBN1_C0000360j04.q1kT7 AM064831 chr21: 2494538–2494813
CBN1_C0000360n18.q1kT7 AM064932 chr1: 172893324–172893990
CBN1_C0000463a02.q1kT7 AM064982 chr4: 50741781–50742197