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Table 5 Searching for optimal thresholds approach to identify genotypes associated with quantitative trait (all SNPs with p-value < 0.05). Partitioning A shows significant results for one optimal threshold (two partitions), and Partitioning B shows the results for two optimal thresholds (three partitions). The calculated p-values take into account the multiple search over all possible thresholds as described in [3].

From: Multilocus analysis of SNP and metabolic data within a given pathway

   Partitioning A Partitioning B
Metabolite SNP p-value p-value
DHEA CYP1B1 R48G NS 0.022
E1 CYP1B1 A119S 0.039 0.0045
E1S CYP1B1 A119S NS 0.043
Androstenedione CYP19 UTRSNP1 0.042 NS
DHEA-SO4 cyp1A1 m1 NS 0.010
DHEA-SO4 cyp1A1 m2 0.022 0.011
E1 cyp1A1 m4 0.042 0.028