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Table 2 Sensitivity and accuracy in signal detection. TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays calls were used as the "ground truth" to calculate the True Positive, True Negative, False Positive, False Negative, True Positive Rate (TPR) and False Positive Rate (FPR) as described in Methods. Detection thresholds for each platform were defined according to corresponding manufacturer's recommendations and described in Methods. Results are shown as sum of the Brain, Liver and Lung tissues

From: Large scale real-time PCR validation on gene expression measurements from two commercial long-oligonucleotide microarrays

Platforms True Positive True Negative False Positive False Negative Sensitivity (TPR) Specificity (1- FPR)
TaqMan ® Gene Expression Assays 3286 839 0 0   
Applied Biosystems 2511 591 248 775 76.5% 71.0
Agilent 2345 437 402 941 71.3% 50.0%