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Table 2 Average percent identities among CL Brener, Esmeraldo,T. brucei and L. tarentolae rRNAs, gene coding regions and inferred protein sequences

From: Trypanosoma cruzi mitochondrial maxicircles display species- and strain-specific variation and a conserved element in the non-coding region

   Edited Non-edited Non-edited Entire coding
Comparison rRNAs Genes Genes Proteins region
CL Brener vs. Esmeraldo 92.6% 86.2% 89.9% 81.7% 88.2%
CL Brener vs. T. brucei 79.6% 57.1% 77.8% 79.3% 73.3%
Esmeraldo vs. T. brucei 79.8% 55.2% 78.5% 81.0%** 72.5%
CL Brener vs. L. tarentolae 78.6% 41.8%* 75.4% 76.0% 65.2%
Esmeraldo vs. L. tarentoae 78.9% 41.6%* 76.0% 67.5% 64.7%
T. brucei vs. L. tarentolae 78.0% 42.4%* 76.6% 76.4% 64.7%
  1. Non-edited genes include ND5, ND4,COI,COII,ND1,MURF1,MURF2,Cyb
  2. Extensively-edited genes include COIII, ATPase6, ND7, ND8, ND9, CR4, CR5, RPS12
  3. MURF5 and CR3 were not included because both 5'- and 3'-gene boundaries are uncertain
  4. * COIII, ND7 and ATPase6 were not included in Lt comparisons due to different editing patterns
  5. ** ND5 not included due to frameshifts in Esmeraldo
  6. Entire coding region includes contiguous sequence from the start of 12S rRNA to the end of ND5