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Table 2 Differences observed by comparison of cotton chloroplast genome sequences with EST sequences obtained by BLAST searches of GenBank.

From: The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Gossypium hirsutum: organization and phylogenetic relationships to other angiosperms

Gene Gene size (bp) Sequence analyzeda Number of variable sites Variation type Position(s)b Amino acid change
clpP 591 228–537 5 A-G 523 M-A
     T-C 524  
     T-A 528 I-M
     T-G 531 G-S
     G-A 532  
ndhC 363 76–363 1 T-C 323 L-S
rpl20 354 1–354 2 A-G 263 K-R
     C-U 308 S-L
rpl23 282 85–282 1 C-U 89 S-L
rps3 657 274–657 2 T-G 275 L-R
     A-C 302 K-T
  1. aSequence analyzed coordinates based on the gene sequence, considering the first base of the initiation codon as bp 1. bVariable position is given in reference to the first base of the initiation codon of the gene sequence.