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Table 2 RMCU vs. maximum expression and breadth of expression for amino acids with major codons. The (+) sign indicates significant increase. The (-) sign indicates significant decrease, and N.S. indicates non-significant tendency

From: The action of selection on codon bias in the human genome is related to frequency, complexity, and chronology of amino acids

Amino acid RMCU vs. maximum expression RMCU vs. breadth of expression
Ala + +
Asn N.S. -
Asp - -
Cys N.S. N.S.
Gln + +
Gly + +
His N.S. N.S.
Ile N.S. +
Leu4 + +
Phe N.S. N.S.
Pro N.S. +
Ser2 N.S. N.S.
Ser4 + +
Thr N.S. +
Tyr N.S. -
Val N.S. N.S.