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Figure 1

From: Specific age related signatures in Drosophila body parts transcriptome

Figure 1

Comparative analysis of aging experiments. We compare our data (Exp. 1) to microarray data obtained on male flies from [27] (Exp. 2) and on female flies [28] (Exp. 3). a) Correlations between the experiments performed on males. The reported fold change (FC) corresponds to 3- and 40-day old males of (Exp1) and 10- and 61 day-old males of (Exp2). The correlation coefficient between the two sets of data is 0.6. b) Venn diagram of the number of probe sets showing significant age-related changes in the three experiments. 112 probesets were identified as age-responsive in the three conditions. c) Repartition of the age downregulated probe sets (ADP) in ovary or testis biased classes according to data from [29]. The total number of ADP is indicated for each experiment. The white bars represent the distribution expected from a distribution of the ADP similar to that observed at the genome level (26% ovary biased and 16% testis biased). The black bars represent the observed numbers with the corresponding percentage of total ADP. Notice the significant enrichment of the ADP in gonad enriched genes for both sexes.

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