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Figure 5

From: Global gene expression analyses of hematopoietic stem cell-like cell lines with inducible Lhx2 expression

Figure 5

Gene expression analyses in mouse embryos of genes with down-regulated expression when Lhx2 expression is turned off. In situ hybridization using probes of the indicated genes on sagital sections on E12.5-13.5 embryos of the indicated tissues. The border between the olfactory epithelium and the underlying mesenchyme is outlined in each section by a broken line. Examples of individual hair (whisker) follicles are indicated by arrows in each section. The part of the developing forebrain that gives rise to the cerebral cortex is indicated by ctx in each section. Arrowheads indicate the border between individual liver lobes in each section. Scale bars sections of Olfactory epithelium, Hair follicles and Liver; 100 μm, Fore brain; 200 μm.

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