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Figure 6

From: In vivo – in vitro toxicogenomic comparison of TCDD-elicited gene expression in Hepa1c1c7 mouse hepatoma cells and C57BL/6 hepatic tissue

Figure 6

Quantitative real-time PCR verification of in vitro and in vivo microarray results. The same RNA used for cDNA microarray analysis was examined by QRTPCR. All fold changes were calculated relative to time-matched vehicle controls. Bars (left axis) and line (right axis) represent data obtained by QRTPCR and cDNA microarrays, respectively. Genes are indicated by official gene symbols, and results are the average of four biological replicates. Classes refer to the respective classification categories as illustrated in Figure 4B. Error bars represent the standard error of measurement for the average fold change. *p < 0.05 for QRTPCR

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