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Table 4 Conserved syntenic regions with three or more gene pairs between the Arabidopsis genome and EST-anchored peach BAC contigs.

From: Synteny conservation between the Prunus genome and both the present and ancestral Arabidopsis genomes

Group # Pairs Arabidopsis Putative Function EST Name BAC Contig
pp23 3 AT1G19570 dehydroascorbate reductase PP_LEa0036C16f ctg2264
   AT1G20010 tubulin beta-5 chain (TUB5) PP_LEa0035B10f  
   AT1G20450 dehydrin (ERD10) PP_LEa0035C17f  
pp48 3 AT2G18470 protein kinase family protein PP_LEa0036C20f ctg2264
   AT2G18840 integral membrane Yip1 family protein PP_LEa0034N14f  
   AT2G18280 tubby-like protein 2 (TULP2) PP_LEa0034J18f  
pp52 4 AT2G40280 Putative methyltransferase PP_LEa0017H06f ctg58
   AT2G39750 Putative methyltransferase PP_LEa0017H06f  
   AT2G39770 GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (GMP1) PP_LEa0005L09f  
   AT2G40060 expressed protein PP_LEa0017F24f  
pp54 3 AT2G19740 60S ribosomal protein L31 (RPL31A) PP_LEa0008A18f ctg9
   AT2G19680 mitochondrial ATP synthase g subunit PP_LEa0025C15f  
   AT2G19730 60S ribosomal protein L28 (RPL28A) PP_LEa0001M19f  
pp69 3 AT3G02200 proteasome family protein PP_LEa0025D12f ctg2264
   AT3G02310 developmental protein SEPALLATA2 PP_LEa0035H10f  
   AT3G01520 universal stress protein (USP) family PP_LEa0025L13f  
pp94 3 AT4G27880 seven in absentia (SINA) family protein PP_LEa0035M04f ctg2264
   AT4G27560 glycosyltransferase family protein PP_LEa0036D18f  
   AT4G27740 Yippee putative zinc-binding protein PP_LEa0035H22f  
pp96 3 AT4G10710 transcriptional regulator-related PP_LEa0034P24f ctg2264
   AT4G11450 expressed protein PP_LEa0035H16f  
   AT4G11030 long-chain-fatty-acid – CoA ligase PP_LEa0034M07f  
pp113 3 AT5G66460   PP_LEa0003M21f ctg1505
   AT5G66140 20S proteasome alpha subunit D2 PP_LEa0027M15f  
   AT5G66510 bacterial transferase PP_LEa0009C17f  
pp114 4 AT5G08400 expressed protein PP_LEa0011C13f ctg1565
   AT5G08380 alpha-galactosidase PP_LEa0009B18f  
   AT5G08540 expressed protein PP_LEa0027N06f  
   AT5G08410 ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase PP_LEa0009N05f  
pp119 3 AT5G47040 Lon protease homolog 1 PP_LEa0001P13f ctg190
   AT5G47020 glycine-rich protein PP_LEa0012O09f  
   AT5G47010 RNA helicase PP_LEa0010E19f  
pp126 3 AT5G54010 glycosyltransferase family protein PP_LEa0036D18f ctg2264
   AT5G53940 Yippee putative zinc-binding protein PP_LEa0035H22f  
   AT5G53770 nucleotidyltransferase family protein PP_LEa0025D10f  
pp127 3 AT5G51050 mitochondrial substrate carrier family protein PP_LEa0034P07f ctg2264
   AT5G50550 WD-40 repeat family protein/St12p protein PP_LEa0036H23f  
   AT5G51180 expressed protein similar to auxin down-regulated protein PP_LEa0035K24f  
pp128 3 AT5G43830 ARG10 PP_LEa0034K23f ctg2264
   AT5G44340 tubulin beta-4 chain (TUB4) PP_LEa0035B10f  
   AT5G44090 calcium-binding EF hand family protein PP_LEa0035H07f  
pp130 3 AT5G15160 bHLH family protein PP_LEa0035P14f ctg2264
   AT5G14680 universal stress protein (USP) family protein PP_LEa0025L13f  
   AT5G14590 isocitrate dehydrogenase PP_LEa0034O16f  
pp132 3 AT5G66460   PP_LEa0003M21f ctg2269
   AT5G66510 bacterial transferase PP_LEa0009C17f  
   AT5G66140 20S proteasome alpha subunit PP_LEa0027M15f  
pp137 3 AT5G53280 expressed protein PP_LEa0027O13f ctg378
   AT5G53310 myosin heavy chain-related PP_LEa0013H04f  
   AT5G53340 galactosyltransferase family protein PP_LEa0003L02f