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Table 3 SNP list

From: TAMGeS: a Three-Array Method for Genotyping of SNPs by a dual-colour approach

NGFB rs6330 C/T Exon 1
  rs3738701 C/A 5'UTR
  rs11466112 C/T Exon 1
  rs11466110 G/A Exon 1
  rs11466111 G/A Exon 1
NTRK1 rs6336 C/T Exon 15
  rs6339 G/T Exon 15
  rs1799770 A/- (C) Intron 14
  rs3753213 G/A Promoter Region
  rs1800878 G/T Intron 2
BDNF rs6265 G/A Exon 1
  X60202 C/T 5'UTR
  rs1048218 G/T Exon 1
  rs1048220 G/T Exon 1
  rs1048221 G/T Exon 1
  rs3750934 G/A Intron 1
  rs8192466 C/T Exon 1
NTRK2 rs1047856 A/T Exon 8
  rs2275857 G/C Exon 11
  rs2289656 C/T Intron 15
  rs2289658 G/A Intron 14
NGFR rs741072 C/T 3'UTR
  rs2072446 C/T Exon 4
  rs2072445 G/T Intron 3
  rs734194 T/G 3'UTR
  1. A list of the genotyped SNPs (indicated with their NCBI database rs) is reported, according to the gene they belong to. For each SNP, the polymorphic alleles are indicated, as well as the gene region where they are located. All the SNPs in the exons give non-synonymous amino-acidic change. For the SNP X60202 its GeneBank code is reported.