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Figure 1

From: Comparative sequence analysis of Solanum and Arabidopsis in a hot spot for pathogen resistance on potato chromosome V reveals a patchwork of conserved and rapidly evolving genome segments

Figure 1

Physical map and position of the R1- and r1-contig in the genetic interval GP21–GP179 on potato chromosome V and their annotated gene content. Annotated ORFs are shown as rectangles with arrowheads indicating the direction of transcription, and are numbered from 1 to 54 according to Table 2. ORFs showing sequence homology to RGLs are shown in white, putative polyproteins and transposon-like ORFs are shown in gray and all other gene models in black. Putative orthologs between the R1 and r1 contig are connected by thin lines. More detailed descriptions of the ORF annotation is provided in Additional file 5.

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