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Table 3 Syntenic blocks between potato annotated genes in the R1- and r1-contigs and sequence related genes of A. thaliana.

From: Comparative sequence analysis of Solanum and Arabidopsis in a hot spot for pathogen resistance on potato chromosome V reveals a patchwork of conserved and rapidly evolving genome segments

Syntenic block S. tuberosum ORF A. thaliana ORF (1) A. thaliana BAC A. thaliana ORF position (1) [Mbp] A. thaliana block size S. tuberosum block size
I ORF17 At1G14270.1 F14L17 4.875 7 kbp 215 kbp
  ORF19 At1G14280.1 F14L17 4.878   
  ORF43 At1G14290.1 F14L17 4.880   
  ORF41 At1G14300.1 F14L17 4.882   
II ORF4 At1G26880.1 T2P11 9.316 18 kbp 345 kbp
  ORF5 At1G26870.1 T2P11 9.313   
  ORF18 At1G26850.1 T2P11 9.301   
  ORF42 At1G26840.1 T2P11 9.298   
III ORF2 At1G69600.1 F24J1 26.168 54 kbp 405 kbp
  ORF3 At1G69610.1 T6C23 26.190   
  ORF4 At1G69620.1 T6C23 26.193   
  ORF43 At1G69640.1 T6C23 26.197   
  ORF38 At1G69690.1 T6C23 26.221   
  ORF47 At1G69700.1 T6C23 26.224   
  ORF48 At1G69710.1 T6C23 26.226   
IV ORF2 At3G28920.1 MYI13 10.941 106 kbp 25 kbp
  ORF4 At3G28900.1 K5K13 10.904   
  ORF5 At3G29035.1 K5K13 11.035   
V ORF2 At5G39760.1 MKM21 15.928 28 kbp 25 kbp
  ORF3 At5G39785.1 MKM21 15.946   
  ORF5 At5G39820.1 MKM21 15.956   
  1. (1)A. thaliana gene identifiers and position coordinates on the AGI physical map in Megabasesare according to TAIR release 6.