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Table 1 Annotations of the insertion sites confirmed in Figures 2 and 3

From: Sequence-indexed mutations in maize using the UniformMu transposon-tagging population

Blastcluster MAGI4.0 hit Insertion site ZMGI hit Insertion type Annotation/Expression Pattern
bc0047 MAGI4_20201 1097 no hit   No EST support for gene
bc0199 MAGI4_45584 731 TC300585 exon plastid 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase
bc0234 MAGI4_4699 748 TC301994 exon Mixed tissues
bc0472 No hit   TC300035 exon Probable prefoldin subunit 2
bc0862 MAGI4_29768 394 no hit   No EST support for gene
bc0881 MAGI4_30440 4515 TC290606 exon Putative ATP dependent copper transporter
bc1133 MAGI4_155851 3281 TC314694 intron Putative calmodulin-binding protein
bc1266 MAGI4_43305 8436 TC304662 exon Putative cytosolic chaperonin delta-subunit
bc1474 MAGI4_118260 731 no hit   No EST support for gene
bc1542 MAGI4_139298 550 TC302939 exon SAM & endosperm expression
  1. A complete table of confirmed insertions is given in Additional file 1 – Annotations of Confirmed Germinal Insertion Sites. The Blastcluster identifiers are from the UniformMu website [49], and correspond to one or more FSTs in Genbank. The Insertion site base number is relative to the matching MAGI4.0 sequence. The Insertion type was classified as exon or intron based on an alignment of the relevant FST, MAGI and ZMGI sequences.