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Figure 4

From: Characterization of the genomic region containing the Shadow of Prion Protein (SPRN) gene in sheep

Figure 4

Transcription profiling of SPRN in 21 sheep tissues. (a) RT-PCR with SPRN primers no. 9 and (b) Control PCR with ACTB primers. Marker (M) is the 1 Kb+ ladder (Invitrogen). Samples are cDNA of cerebrum (Cbu), cerebellum (Cbe), obex (Ob), spleen (Sp), kidney (Ki), liver (Li), lung (Lu), heart (He), muscle (Mu), tongue (To), testis (Te), lymph node (Ln), rumen (Ru), omasum (Om), abomasum (Ab), duodenum (Dd), jejunum (Je), ileum (Il), colon (Co), caecum (Ca), rectum (Re), positive control (+) and negative control (-).

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