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Table 2 List of polymorphic BAC clones used for FISH/qPCR analysis in controls.

From: Large-scale copy number variants (CNVs): Distribution in normal subjects and FISH/real-time qPCR analysis

Cytoband Clone name Previously reported Size (kb) Gene(s) contained Overlap with segmental duplications ARRAY FISH qPCR
2q37.3 RP5-1011O17 Y 21.8 No yes deletion complete loss of one copy (Fig1) C
13q21.1 RP11-100C24 Y 129.3 No No gain 2 copies (Fig3) NC
       loss 2 copies (Fig2) NC
14q12 RP11-125A5 Y 186.5 No No gain/loss 2 copies (not shown) NT
2q14.3 RP11-270M20 N 140.4 No No gain 2 copies (not shown) NT
8p22 RP11-89M16 Y 176 MTMR7; SLC7A2; PDGFRL No deletion partial deletion of one copy (Fig 1) C
12p13.33 RP11-598F7 N 0.5 SLC6A12 No gain multiple sites on non-homologous chromosomes (Fig 4) NT
  1. C = confirmed
  2. NC = not confirmed
  3. NT = not tested