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Table 1 G. metallireducens proteins most similar to the benzoyl-CoA pathway proteins from T. aromaticaa

From: Genomic and microarray analysis of aromatics degradation in Geobacter metallireducens and comparison to a Geobacter isolate from a contaminated field site

Benzoyl-CoA pathway protein closest Gmet ORF % a.a. ID name
BclA Gmet_2143 19 BamY*
BcrA Gmet_0544 50 Bcra#
BcrB none   
BcrC none   
BcrD Gmet_0544 24 Bcra#
Fdx Gmet_1033 22  
Dch Gmet_2150 73 BamR*
Had Gmet_2151 70 BamQ*
Oah Gmet_2088 76 BamA*
  1. a Enzymes are benzoate CoA ligase (BclA), benzoyl-CoA reductase (BcrCDAB), ferredoxin (Fdx), cyclohexa-1,5-diene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydratase (Dch), 6-hydroxycylohex-1-en-1-carbonyl-CoA dehydrogenase (Had), and 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydratase (Oah).
  2. * Gene identified and named by Wishgoll. # Gene identified and named by Hasoda. The cut-off value used for a significant match in the G. metallireducens genome was 0.1.