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Table 1 Features of the Opisthorchis viverrini EST catalogue.

From: Gene discovery for the carcinogenic human liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini

Feature Number
Initial Sequences 5159
Usable sequencesa 4241
Contigs 1995 (1632 singletons; 363 clusters)
Contigs after clean-upb 1932
Contigs identical to known proteinsc 68
Contigs similar to other proteinsd 794
Contigs with gene ontology assignments 383
Novel contigs 1070
Novel contigs with signal sequences 75 (29 signal peptides; 46 signal anchors)
Average insert size 548 bp (ESTs); 660 bp (contigs)
Percentage of recombinant clones 95%
Number of ribosomal seqs 1184 ESTs; 136 clusters
  1. aUsable sequences were determined using seqclean – sequences that were removed were either non-recombinant, of low complexity and/or quality and those of < 100 nt in length.
  2. bclean-up refers to removal of sequences from contaminating sources; eg. Mycoplasma
  3. cidentity determined by ≥ 95% identity over ≥ 50 amino acids.
  4. dbased on BLASTx and tBLASTx searchers of GenBank nr and dbEST respectively.