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Table 4 Opisthorchis viverrini ESTs with sequence identity to mRNAs encoding proteins efficacious as vaccines against other flatworm and nematode parasites.

From: Gene discovery for the carcinogenic human liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini

Predicted protein family Vaccine antigen and helminth targeted References
Aspartic protease APR-1 for hookworm; cathepsin D for Schistosoma japonicum [59, 60]
Glutathione-S-transferase Ac-GST-1 for hookworm; bilvax for schistosomes [79, 80]
Cysteine protease TSBP for Haemonchus contortus; Ac CP1 for hookworm; Cathepsins L1 and L2 for Fasciola hepatica [61–63]
Tetraspanin TSP-1, TSP-2 and Sm23 for Schistosoma mansoni [33, 81]
Pathogenesis related protein ASP-2 for hookworm; ASP-1 for Onchocerca volvulus [82, 83]
calpain Smp80 for schistosomes [64]
Fatty acid binding protein Sm14 for S. mansoni and F. hepatica [66, 67]
Saposin-like protein FhSAP-2 for F. hepatica [65]
14-3-3 Sm14-3-3 for schistosomes [84]
22.6 (unknown function) Sm22.6 for S. mansoni [58]