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Table 4 Descriptive statistics of the Meta-MEME search of SWISS protein databasea using a hidden Markov model of the FoxD3 eh1-like motif.

From: Prevalence of the EH1 Groucho interaction motif in the metazoan Fox family of transcriptional regulators

Protein classb Log-Oddsc Mean (SD) Log-Odds Minimum Log-Odds Maximum Hitsd
Non-Transcription 6.87 (2.24) 1.49 24.43 48716
Fox 14.34 (5.65) 5.97 29.23 54
Para-Hox 11.61 (4.83) 3.64 23.45 155
Other Transcription 7.72 (2.67) 3.48 17.42 318
All Transcription 9.07 (4.28) 3.48 29.23 647
  1. a SWISS protein database integrated in the Meta-MEME software package (version 3.2).
  2. b Protein classes were defined by the presence of a conserved DNA-binding domain for transcriptional proteins, or by the absence of a DNA-binding domain for non-transcriptional proteins. Non-Transcription, proteins that are not members of defined families of transcriptional proteins; Fox, Fox family proteins; Para-Hox, para-Hox class of homeodomain proteins; Other Transcription, transcriptional proteins excluding Fox and para-Hox proteins; All Transcription, all transcriptional proteins.
  3. c Log-odds score is the ratio of a sequence score with respect to the foreground model versus the sequence score with respect to the background model. The log-odds score is the logarithm of an odds score in base 2. SD, standard deviation.
  4. d Hits are positions in the background sequence that align with a motif model.