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Figure 1

From: Mapping a candidate gene (MdMYB10) for red flesh and foliage colour in apple

Figure 1

Co-segregation between the MdMYB10 marker and red core and foliage. The marker developed for MdMYB10 (indel) was screened over a subset of the A194 population (16 individuals) and both parents. Lanes 1 and 20, and lanes 2 and 19 correspond to the parents 'Sciros' and 91.136 B6-77, respectively. Three phenotypes were observed for fruit flesh colouration in the progeny: a/red cortex and core (lanes 3 to 6); b/white core and red cortex (lanes 7 to 10); c/white cortex and core (lanes 11 to 18). All the fruit with red core were borne on red foliage trees and showed a 786 bp band for the MdMYB10 marker, the two other types are green-leafed and lacked the 786 bp band. A 1,182 bp PCR product was used as a positive control for PCR amplification. 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA) was run alongside the PCR products.

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