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Table 1

From: Sampling Daphnia's expressed genes: preservation, expansion and invention of crustacean genes with reference to insect genomes

Number of sequenced cDNA isolates 1,529
Number of sequences obtained: 1,648
Number of low quality sequences removed 82
Number of plasmids containing inserts <100 bp 20
Number of cDNA isolates with ESTs 1,435
Number of ESTs left to assemble 1,546
Number of assembled sequences (contigs + singlets) 804
Number of cDNA isolates represented by a single EST 612
Number of mtDNA gene clusters 17
or Number of mtDNA ESTs 132
Number of assembled sequences from nuclear genes 787
  1. Sequencing and clustering statistics for cDNA isolates printed on microarrays. Based on these numbers, 43% of the elements are unique.