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Figure 4

From: Identification of unannotated exons of low abundance transcripts in Drosophila melanogaster and cloning of a new serine protease gene upregulated upon injury

Figure 4

SP212 was probably originated through gene duplication during evolution of SP family. The phylogram is based on multiple alignment of the amino acid sequences of the catalytic domain of SP212 and other 3 SPs and 1 SPH of Drosophila. These sequences are from proteins that presented the highest similarity with SP212 catalytic domain sequence (e-value < -20) in searches against the NCBI databank, using Blastx. The alignment was performed using Clustalw (20). SP55, SPH144 and SP60, as well SP212, localize in the same region (88A12-B1) of chromosome 2R, whereas SP186 is located in chromosome X.

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