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Table 3 Comparisons of relative retrotransposition frequencies and RNA levels for Zorro3 mutants

From: A yeast model for target-primed (non-LTR) retrotransposition

Transforming plasmid Mutation Relative retrotransposition frequency (% of wild-type)A Relative Zorro3 RNA levels (% of wild-type)B
pZ3BN1 Wild-type 100 100
pZ3BN2 ORF2 stop 8 288
pZ3BN3 ORF2 frameshift 1 209
pZ3BN4 ORF2 ATG → ACG 18 130
pZ3BN5 InterORF poly-A deletion 15 98
pZ3BN6 EN missense 5 55
pPZ3TAΔPA Internal deletion 0 34
  1. A The relative retrotransposition frequency was calculated in the same way as for Table 2, but data was taken from only the particular transformants in which RNA levels were also measured.
  2. B Zorro3 RNA levels were measured as described in the text. The Zorro3 RNA levels in each RNA sample were then normalized against the ACT1 RNA levels in the same RNA sample and averaged for each set of transformants containing the same plasmid construct.