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Table 1 Origin of guppy ESTs

From: ESTs and EST-linked polymorphisms for genetic mapping and phylogenetic reconstruction in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata

Source of cDNA Clones* Strain Clones
Tranquille Embryo 4885   
Tranquille Liver 2007 Tranquille 6892
Quare Embryo 2731   
Quare Testis 1536   
Quare Head 143   
Quare Liver 554 Quare 4964
Oropuche Skin 1483   
Oropuche Retina 837   
Oropuche Embryo 84 Oropuche 2404
Blue Testis 2560   
Blue Brain 951 Blue 3511
Istanbul wild Skin 348 Istanbul wild 348
Total 18119   18119
  1. *Clones for which sequence information was less than 200 nucleotides have not yet been submitted to Genbank. The accession numbers of the submitted clones are: ES370951–ES387146