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Table 1 Sample exclusion criteria

From: Biomarker discovery for colon cancer using a 761 gene RT-PCR assay

  Number excluded Percent excluded Remaining samples
Samples extracted N/A 0 354
Insufficient RNA -38 10.7% 316
Incomplete sample data -4 1.1% 312
Unsatisfactory qPCR -21 5.9% 291
Pathologically ineligble -10 2.8% 281
Clinically ineligble -11 3.1% 270
Total in final dataset   76.3% 270
  1. Samples were excluded on the basis of several different categories. Various acceptance criteria were applied to the dataset. The table shows how many samples were excluded from the final dataset based on each category. There were 354 samples extracted and the final evaluable data set was 270.