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Table 1 Significant gene numbers at different cutoff levels

From: Global transcription profiling reveals differential responses to chronic nitrogen stress and putative nitrogen regulatory components in Arabidopsis

  FDR 0.5% FDR 0% FDR 0% minimum 2 fold
Sufficient N vs. mild N 157 120 52 (51a, 1b)
Sufficient N vs. severe N 2176 461 461 (271a, 190b)
Severe N vs. 2 hr induction 146 90 90 (77a, 13b)
Severe N vs. 24 hr induction 2523 905 837 (481a, 356b)
  1. Significance analysis of microarray (SAM; academic version 2.23B) was used to identify differentially expressed genes. Different number of significant genes could be obtained depending on the SAM median false discovery rate (FDR) and a minimum fold change. a number of genes up-regulated; b number of genes down-regulated