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Figure 2

From: Rice pseudomolecule-anchored cross-species DNA sequence alignments indicate regional genomic variation in expressed sequence conservation

Figure 2

Distribution of differently-annotated TIGR rice loci on rice pseudomolecules. Linear order of differently annotated types of TIGR rice loci (TRL) on each of the rice pseudomolecules (1–12) in relation to significant MegaBLAST sequence alignments between the Os_CD database and the test databases. For each rice pseudomolecule: column 1 (red) = combined test database significant alignments; column 2 (blue) = functionally annotated TRL or expressed protein, column 3 (blue) = hypothetical protein, column 4 (blue) = retro/transposon-related sequence. Pseudomolecules are aligned along the centromere (horizontal black bar).

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